pull me off?

There's always a chuckle when it's said or heard. Hi everyone. Well, if you're reading this you've obviously found the home of the 'Pull Me Off', known as the 'Grippa'. My name is Gary Muir and I am the inventor of Grippa. How did it come about? To be honest that's not a difficult question to answer. Throughout the years, being a biker and wearing one piece leathers, it was always a bit of a trial getting them off.

As we all do, we turn to our mate and ask, "Can you pull me off?!" Low and behold, grab the cuff and pull. Out pops your arm and the rest you can do yourself. Obviously the more nimble and supple among us can rip them off no problem.
That phrase, "Pull me off" can be heard in any situation where bikers are. I was at Snetterton on a track day in 2018, blistering hot, worn out and just wanted my leathers off... I turned to my mate and said, "Pull me off!" It struck me then and there... surely there's something out there to help if you are on your own? I actually knew there wasn't. So off home, and over the next few months I came up with the 'Pull Me Off', now known as 'Grippa'.

If you struggle with flexibility, shoulder or arm injury, this will give you the option of being completely independent without asking that comedy question. With a patent application placed, I've concentrated on the task of getting the Grippa manufactured in Great Britain. As simple as it might seem, it was a huge task getting the design perfectly right. The device is made to apply just enough grip to be pulled against so you can extract your arm from your sleeve.

The cam inside the body of Grippa only grips while tension is applied to the Grippa. Once you've extracted your arm, a simple flick of the cam releases the Grippa. The lanyard and toggle allow you to attach the Grippa to your handle bar or any structure, such as hooks within your garage, cars or vans that you're able to pull against. Extensive testing has proven 100% reliability and safe operation which ever option you use.